Hilltop Advocacy, LLC helps organizations engage with lawmakers and influencers where policy and business intersect. We enable our clients to inform the development of important public policy discussions at the federal and state levels, and to educate decision makers.

Traditional methods of engaging stakeholders and moving debates are on the way out. On the way in is the approach we take: innovative, adaptable, and centered around creating partnerships for today and tomorrow. For-profit and non-profit entities need timely and original approaches to accomplish their agendas. Hilltop Advocacy has them.

We specialize in:

  • Issue and legislative advocacy
  • Timely and actionable research and analysis of policy trends
  • Hearing preparation and crisis communication
  • Building durable coalitions, and
  • Effective engagement with those who drive policy

Hilltop Advocacy brings more than 30 years of experience, expertise, and energetic engagement to our client relationships. How can we help you?

Hilltop Advocacy, LLC